How to Properly Care for That Stack of Fluffy Towels in Your Bathroom at The Residences at Palmer Square

Wash, rinse, repeat. If that's the extent of your knowledge about caring for bath towels, then this post is for you, The Residences at Palmer Square! Below, find several tips to help you preserve the look and function of your favorite bath towels, whether they be hand-me-downs or pricey designer buys from that trendy homegoods retailer.

1) Wash frequently. True, your towels primarily come in contact with your clean, post-shower skin and hair, but that doesn't mean towels don't require regular laundering. If you shower daily, it's recommended that your towels get tossed in the wash every three days or so (more often for hand towels). Also, be sure to hang each towel on its own hook so that it has enough airflow to thoroughly dry between uses.

2) Scale back on the detergent. Using too much detergent can leave a residue behind, causing your towels' formerly fluffy fibers to become stiff and scratchy. Similarly, you should mind how much fabric softener you're using, as fabric softeners can also leave behind a buildup. Be sure to shake out your towels before putting them in the dryer!

3) Avoid contact with beauty products. Contact with cosmetics, toothpaste, tooth whitening strips, and household cleaners can stain or bleach your towels.

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