How to Properly Care for That Stack of Fluffy Towels in Your Bathroom at The Residences at Palmer Square

Wash, rinse, repeat. If that's the extent of your knowledge about caring for bath towels, then this post is for you, The Residences at Palmer Square! Below, find several tips to help you preserve the look and function of your favorite bath towels, whether they be hand-me-downs or pricey designer buys from that trendy homegoods retailer.

1) Wash frequently. True, your towels primarily come in contact with your clean, post-shower skin and hair, but that doesn't mean towels don't require regular laundering. If you shower daily, it's recommended that your towels get tossed in the wash every three days or so (more often for hand towels). Also, be sure to hang each towel on its own hook so that it has enough airflow to thoroughly dry between uses.

2) Scale back on the detergent. Using too much detergent can leave a residue behind, causing your towels' formerly fluffy fibers to become stiff and scratchy. Similarly, you should mind how much fabric softener you're using, as fabric softeners can also leave behind a buildup. Be sure to shake out your towels before putting them in the dryer!

3) Avoid contact with beauty products. Contact with cosmetics, toothpaste, tooth whitening strips, and household cleaners can stain or bleach your towels.

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How to Create a Stunning Holiday Tablescape at The Residences at Palmer Square This Season

Hosting the holiday dinner at The Residences at Palmer Square this year? Before you start to stress out about where to seat all of your guests, try out these chic and creative ideas for setting a picture-perfect table for any size party.

  • Create a whiteout. If you’re struggling to find ways to create a look of elegance on a budget, try something different with a stark white dining table. Cover the entire table in a classic white tablecloth, then add pillar and tapered ivory candles in a variety of heights. Sprinkle miniature marshmallows all over the table’s surface, then break up a bouquet of white flowers and simple greens into a few different vases. For a more seasonal look, add small gingerbread houses with white icing accents.
  • Head outside. One of the best ways to create an authentic winter tablescape is by gathering things like bare branches, pine cones, and acorns from outside. Fill clear vases with these rustic items, or scatter them down the center of a table runner.
  • Go overboard with candles. You can never have too many candles when you’re trying to create a festive feeling, so dim the lights and go wild with tea lights or tall, white styles. Purchase basic candles and wrap small wreaths or sprigs of holly around their bases.
  • Use your usual dinnerware. Instead of investing in a whole new set of “fancy” dinnerware, use a standard white set and dress it up with seasonal decor everywhere else.

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How to Create a Luxurious, Hotel-Like Bedroom at Home at The Residences at Palmer Square

What is it about a hotel room that helps you get such a good night’s sleep? These simple tips will show you how to recreate the luxe look and feel of your favorite hotel in your bedroom at The Residences at Palmer Square.

  1. Minimize the furniture. Most hotel rooms have very little furniture and zero clutter. Take time to minimize your bedroom furnishings to only the essentials: your bed, a dresser, a couple of nightstands, and perhaps a writing desk.
  2. Start with clean sheets. Thoroughly wash all of your sheets and pillowcases to create a clean slate. Use fabric softener in a soothing scent.
  3. Invest in high-quality bedding. Choose sheets with the highest thread count that your budget allows, as this is always a good investment. You should also update your pillows to something filled with down or a down alternative.
  4. Make your color scheme soothing. Most luxury hotels use stark white bed linens to create that relaxing, spa-like effect. If you’re worried about stains, opt for a soft grey or tan. Be sure to pile on the pillows, and opt for a plush, cozy comforter.
  5. Improve the lighting. If your bedroom only has one bright overhead light, add some lamps that you can use when you’re winding down at night.

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5 Ways to Create a Peaceful and Serene Bedroom at The Residences at Palmer Square

Your bedroom at The Residences at Palmer Square is supposed to be a place of rest and relaxation, but for many people, it can become a place to discard unworn clothes, watch television, and catch up on emails. If this sounds like your own bedroom, you might benefit from these simple tips for transforming your room into something much more peaceful.

  1. Learn about feng shui. Whether you believe it or not, using feng shui is a great way to decide how to arrange your furniture and create as much flow as possible in your bedroom.
  2. Keep the air clean. From cracking the window while you sleep to investing in an affordable essential oil diffuser, improving the air quality can result in a much better night’s sleep.
  3. Clear the clutter. Whether your clutter comes from having too much furniture or from your dirty laundry, it’s never a good thing to have too many belongings in your bedroom. Cut down on clutter by giving things away, donating unused items, and adding extra storage for the things you do need.
  4. Go for a lighter color palette. If you’re looking for more permanent ways to make over your bedroom, invest in high-quality bedding in soothing shades of white, cream, and grey. These shades will help make you feel like you’re in a luxury hotel.
  5. Add some candles. As a finishing touch, add candles anywhere that your room could use some ambiance.

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Happy Harvest! Three Ways to Bring Fall Into Your Home at The Residences at Palmer Square

The bad news? Summer is becoming more and more of a distant memory. The good news? Less than one week stands between us and the official start of fall, a season that brings spectacular color and weather to the Princeton area (not to mention holidays like Halloween and Thanksgiving!).

Want to get a jumpstart on the season? Check out these easy DIYs for bringing a little taste of autumn into your space at The Residences at Palmer Square!

1) Pumpkin votives.
You know those mini pumpkins that pop up at farmers' markets and grocery stores during the fall? Put them to good use by turning them into votives! Simply carve a hole in the top of the pumpkin that's large enough to accommodate a tealight, and voila: instant candle holder. Cluster them on your dining room table to create a stunning centerpiece, and consider using LED tealights for safety reasons.

2) Leaf it to me.
Nothing say autumn quite like changing leaves in fiery shades of orange, red, and yellow, so why not display some leaves around your home? You could create an eye-catching display by arranging leafy tree branches in a tall glass vase, or use photo frames to display pressed leaves in an unconventional wall display.

3) Pile it on.
As the mercury begins to drop, pile on the layers! Break out your favorite cuddly throws and lap blankets, and keep them stored close to your favorite sitting spot. Fall is also a good time to start experimenting with fun textures, like faux fur throws and cableknit pillow covers.

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Get In On the Mason Jar Trend at The Residences at Palmer Square With These Cool DIYs

What was once a humble vessel for home canning has become one of the trendiest items in home decor. We're talking, of course, about the mason jar, and if you have your pulse on the world of design, you've likely spotted these jars in countless blogs, editorials, home accessories stores — even weddings! If you want to incorporate mason jars into your decor at The Residences at Palmer Square, check out these simple and straightforward DIYs.

Mason Jar Wall Planter []
Create an eye-catching planter for houseplants or herbs with this rustic-chic DIY. Simply use pipe clamps to attach mason jars to an old wooden board, fill each jar with potting soil, add your plant, and hang the board wherever your apartment receives the most natural light.

Baby Food Jar Snow Globes []
Here's a craft project to keep in mind this holiday season: Clean baby food jars are transformed into adorable snow globes using glitter, distilled water, and glycerin. The lids, which are spraypainted gold, become the base of the "globe."

DIY Mason Jar Sewing Kit []
This DIY creates a handy sewing kit using an old canning jar. The lid is covered in fabric and batting to become a pincushion, while the jar is used to hold thread, needles, and other sewing implements!

How to Add Texture to Your Apartment at The Residences at Palmer Square

When you're trying to create a sense of depth and coziness in a space, it’s important to think about the texture. Here are a few simple tips for adding texture to your bed, your sofa, and anywhere else in your rental home at The Residences at Palmer Square!

  1. Add a pop of texture to neutrals. If you have a stark white wall or mantle, dress it up by adding textured decals or knick-knacks in the same white color. This will maintain the minimal look while adding an unexpected bit of interest.
  2. Toss on a throw blanket. A throw blanket gets its name because it looks so perfect when casually tossed over the back of a couch or the foot of a bed, and it’s also one of the easiest ways to add texture to any living area.
  3. Add pillows in contrasting fabrics. Instead of choosing matching accent pillows, try combining a few in fabrics like knit, fur, velvet,and silk for a heavy dose of texture.
  4. Use texture from nature. For an organic look, rely on textures found in nature. Add some curly willow branches to a vase, seashells to a tabletop, or revamp a bathmat by gluing on smooth, flat river rocks. Of course, potted plants are a no-fail way to liven up a space.

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Need Assistance Decorating Your Home at The Residences at Palmer Square? These Online Quizzes Can Help!

The hardest part about decorating your home at The Residences at Palmer Square? Just knowing where to start! Design experts would likely agree that your first step should be to define your design personality; this will allow your personal taste and preferences to dictate your rooms' decor. The below three quizzes should help you get a foot in the right direction.

1) What’s Your Decorating Style?
If your decor style skews toward the "beachy" look, this quiz from Coastal Living is for you. It poses nine multiple-choice questions to help you "discover your seaside personality," whether that means a taste for the finer things in life or an appreciation for the low-key and casual.

2) Decorating Style Quiz
Offered by Better Homes & Gardens, this online quiz poses questions about your fashion choices, fabric and color preferences, your preferred vacation destination — even your favorite dog! — to help determine your decorating personality.

3) Style Maker Visual Quiz
As its name implies, this quiz asks you to choose between different images to help hone in on your design style. For instance, does your dream bedroom feature a lacy, canopy-covered bed, or would you rather sleep in a fireside bed loaded with cozy throw blankets?

Working From Home at The Residences at Palmer Square? Here’s How to Create an Inspiring Workspace!

More and more people are able to work from home these days, whether you’re a full-time freelancer or you have a pet project that takes up a lot of your spare time. If you're ever tasked with getting work done from home at The Residences at Palmer Square, you’ll appreciate these simple tips for creating a workplace that will motivate and inspire.

  • Think about comfort. While many corporate offices have upright chairs and large desks, in your home office, you can sit wherever you feel most productive. Add a worn-in reading chair, an overstuffed sofa, or even a standing desk if you’re not a fan of the traditional desk setup.
  • Create an inspiration wall. To really get your creative juices flowing, create a large bulletin board or even an entire blank wall where you can post photographs, magazine pages, and other inspirational items.
  • Leave out clutter. Try to make your work a clutter-free zone, especially if that clutter is from items that don’t add to your productivity. Do your best to keep your workspace separate from its surroundings.
  • Visit a thrift store. Consider buying furniture and accessories from a thrift store to find a piece with character. This might just boost your creativity!

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Easy Home Organization Projects to Try This Weekend at The Residences at Palmer Square

Did you resolve to be more organized in 2015? Sourced from all over the web, these two DIY projects can help you start the New Year with a clean–and uncluttered!–slate.

  • 20 Fabulous Command Centers to Get Your Life Completely Organized [The Happy Housie] Organize mail, coupons, memos, and everything in between by creating a home "command center." Purchase sheet metal from a home improvement store, wrap the metal in eye-catching fabric, add a pretty frame, et voila: an instant magnet board for organizing all of life's to-dos.
  • 14 Genius Double-Duty Organizing Ideas [Good Housekeeping] This roundup on Good Housekeeping shows how unexpected items can be used for home organization. For instance, have you ever considered using a magazine file to store canned soup in your kitchen at The Residences at Palmer Square? Ever think about using a pill box to store rings and other small jewelry items? Click the link for more genius ideas!