Just Returned Home to The Residences at Palmer Square From the Farmers’ Market? Keep Your Bounty Fresh With These Easy Tips!

Is your fridge constantly stocked with fresh produce from your favorite farmers' markets near The Residences at Palmer Square? If so, you may be curious to learn new ways to extend the life of leafy greens. From hearty kale to delicate herbs, these three tips will help keep your go-to greens crisp and fresh a little longer.

1. Don't store salad greens in a plastic bag.
The first thing you want to do when arriving home from the farmers' market is remove the greens' excess moisture. To do so, give the greens a whirl in a salad spinner. Then, place the greens in a reusable plastic container, layering the leaves with paper towels. If your bounty is on the smaller side, gently roll the greens in a paper towel and tuck the bundle into a baggie. To ensure adequate air circulation, keep a one-inch section of the baggie unzipped.

2. Keep your greens from freezing.
Just like outdoor plants, greens don't take kindly to frosty conditions. Prevent your greens from becoming frost-bitten by placing them in the middle section of your refrigerator at The Residences at Palmer Square. The back-most area of your fridge is where it's coldest, so steer clear of that section.

3. Keep your herbs in jars.
Have bouquets of fresh flowers decorating your home at The Residences at Palmer Square? Your herbs will appreciate the same treatment you give those roses or hydrangeas. That is, simply snip a small section of the herbs' stems off the bottom, then place the herb bunch into a mason jar filled with fresh water. (Just like leafy greens, herbs do best when placed toward the center of your fridge.) Cover each jar with a plastic baggie to keep the conditions humid; however, avoid getting the herbs' leaves wet. Asparagus stays crisp and fresh with this technique, too.

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